for love & lemons


The babes over at For Love and Lemons, have never ceased to impress us with their beautiful gowns, and intricate lust worthy lingerie…..

And lets just say they have once again left us speechless and in awe. And to make the label even more WANT/NEED/LUST worthy, they have just brought out their first swimwear collection, as well as released their latest lingerie collection.

We have picked our favs and MUST HAVES!!! and sure that what we have picked will also fit well into your ( need to pack list) for the honey moon!!!!!

Scroll down to hear what the girls had to say in with the process of making their debut swim collection.

Enjoy lovers  Xo

IN THE STUDIO: Introducing our debut SWIM collection!

The first shipment of our debut swimwear collection just hit our website and we can't believe it's finally happening! After a year of developing SWIM, it's so exciting to see our styles finally arriving at stores and available for purchase. Our first collection features bustier one-pieces, ruffled silhouettes, delicate crochet coverups, and barely there bikinis. We created all our prints in-house and developed waterproof laces that adorn the edges of the pieces. We hope you love this collection as much as we loved creating it.




Since we are obsessed with lace, we knew we had to incorporate it into our swimwear line. We worked directly with a lace mill in Austria to make waterproof yarns that would be tear resistant and just as strong when wet. We wanted a classic floral lace so we custom designed the scallop edge details ourselves! The patterns are extremely detailed because when you're designing something so small like an itty bitty bikini, all the essential details need to fit on a triangle cup or panel




We also used a ribbed stretch lycra for the body of many of our swimsuits. The finish of the fabric is matte because it goes so nicely with the lace pieces in our collection. We love our glossy stretch fabrics, but the subtle matte texture makes a huge difference when paired with lace. Let's just say the result is ultra chic and you won't believe such a beautiful piece could be waterproof. 

Since we used this ribbed stretch lycra for the base of the swimsuit and for our ruffles, you can mix and match the different pieces and they'll all work with each other. You don't have to pair our Barcelona Underwire Bikini Top with the Barcelona Bikini Bottom, if you're feeling more adventurous it will also work with the Tiny Tan Lines Thong!



We worked really hard on our crochet cover ups because we wanted to make ones that no one had ever seen before. We referenced vintage hand crocheted pieces to create detailed layouts and we pushed the boundaries with our silhouettes to create barely-there romantic beachwear. We designed four different crochet coverups and they will all come in black or ivory.


Choosing the colors for our debut swimwear collection was a fun, but daunting task. We have a pantone color book with thousands of different colors to reference from. For our lace fabrics we chose a burgundy rust color because it felt rich and saturated, but also appropriate for a wide range of customers. We had our laces dyed in various shades and voted on which one we liked the best. Another choice for this collection was a pink oyster color because it looks amazing with a tan and it's just so darn feminine. Of course, we also had to create some lace pieces in beach bunny white and sexy black for that classic look.


Since this was our first swimwear collection, we took some extra steps to make sure everything would be perfect. We had our employees take the swimsuits to Venice Beach and even to Mexico to test them out. We took the feedback from the girls and made some small changes so we could really get the product we wanted. 

We designed all the hardware on the suits, creating dark gold trims, chunky back closures, and a cute antler circle decal to finish it off. All the pieces will come in reusable vinyl zip bags with our logo on it - you can use them to carry your sunblock, sunglasses, and cell phone when you go to the beach!


We hope you love the line as much as we do. Don't forget to add #FLLSWIM to your photos on social media so we can keep track of your sun-kissed adventures. We'll be releasing more styles over the next two months so check back often. Enjoy!




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