Camile Cappellanes – Filipe Ricardo – REAL WEDDING

Our hearts melted when this stunning wedding landed in our inbox, and we couldn’t be more excited for it to be the first REAL WEDDING featured on LOVESTONED.  We have a new tab on our webpage up the top. We are now featuring real weddings. To kick it off, this stunning wedding of Camile and Filpe Ricardo.

Scroll to the bottom for all the wedding info and goss about the big day.




danilosiqueira_camile+fi-5 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-6 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-8 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-4 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-9 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-10 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-12 camile+filipe_112 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-16 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-14 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-7 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-13 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-17 IMG_3854 IMG_3855camile+filipe_445 IMG_5004 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-59 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-20 danilosiqueira_camile+fi-22   NAMES:  Camile Cappellanes – Filipe Ricardo

WEDDING DATE: 03.21.2015


HOW WE MET: I moved to Sao Paulo in 2007, on that time I was doing my college. When I started to study, i didn’t know anybody there, even one person. On my first class day, I met Biju, who is still my friend, since that time. she was also a new student, that’s why we  became friends. I didn’t have friends in Sao Paulo, didn’t know anyone. One day, she called me and said: Lets go out? My gosh, I don’t know her that much, but lets go. Why not? When she picked me up, she said: “Camile, Filipe who plays with Diego (Di Ferrero) lives in your building. I didn’t have any idea who was Filipe, I confess. Well, the times goes and she invited me to go and see their concert, on that show I met him, then we started texting each other and we are here hahahaha. The funny thing is that when I moved, i went to a little grocery store next to my house and when I turned around the corner, I see Filipe, i felt my heart in my mouth, even without knowing him. From that day I do believe in love at first sight. PS: Filipe is guitar of the band NXZERO. It’s a famous band in Brazil.  

OUR ENGAGEMENT STORY: Incredible. Every Christmas, we make secret Santa in my family, at the time of Filipe delivers the gift, he began passing along tips on who would be his friend-secret, but in fact it was the engagement ring and proposed to me in front of my whole family. It was super exciting.

MARRIAGE TO US MEANS: Spread the love. A huge party which everyone can remember with love, because we gather a bunch of good friends and our family in a fantastic weekend.

WEDDING LOCATION: Nau Royal Spa Hotel – Cambury Beach/ São Paulo/ Brazil Because we really love beach, we didn’t want make a “traditional” wedding, and also one of ours dream was get married by the beach. All the time that we are planning a trip, we choose BEACHES.

THEME/STYLE: It was inspired in a bohemian Style, we didn’t want just a regular wedding, like formal that takes a while, it was super exciting and high spirits. . I used the instagram to get ideas about dress, decoration, buffet and everything else. Love Stoned Bridal also.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  The photographer was Danilo Siqueira (Brazilian photographer). He managed to capture my anxiety and happiness in a photo where you hold my hand.

BRIDE’S DRESS: Martha Medeiros (Renowned Brazilian designer. She is very famous in Brazil for its lace renaissances) made my dress, it was the first place that I went to try, since that I was in love with “renascence lace” and I couldn’t check any other place. I love laces and i think that match with beach, i wanted be “simple” and gorgeous. My dress was made in my body, we made each part together, me, Martha an her wonderful team. They are awesome. In the middle of the party I put a dress of For Love & Lemons more comfortable.

BRIDE’S SHOES: I bought my shoe in a very traditional store São Paulo, called Kila Calçados. My shoe is white, simple and comfortable.

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES:  I had 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen. This is very common in Brazil. They bought their clothes in random stores. I made only one request: the dresses have to be in Tiffany Blue. 

FLOWERGIRLS/PAGEBOY OUTFITS:  They made the seamstress of the family.  

WEDDING RINGS: Fran Carvalho and Tiffany and Co.

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: Graciella Starling and CanCan Accessories.

GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Was made at Maximus Rigor ( Famous Store in Brazil)

HAIR: I got married with a crown flower from CanCan Accessories and after, at the party, i held my hair and wear a beautiful accessory from Graciella Starling.

MAKEUP: I asked the well-marked eyes with huge eyelashes and red lips. I used MAC COSMETICS, DIOR, DUDA MOLINOS AND CHANEL.

STATIONERY/INVITATIONS: My invitations were made in Dombosco Convites.

FAVORS/BONBONNIERE:  I a gift for women, crowns flowers from CanCan Acessorios and beach slippers from Dombosco.

FLOWERS & BOUQUETS: The bouquet is Mara Perez Decoration, about the flowers, i choose daisies, succulents and other flowers on purple, green, pink tone.

VIDEOGRAPHY:  I made with Brigadeiro Filmes. (

PREPARATION:  Of course I could not sleep 100 % the night before. I woke up early, went to the room of my parents, we talked about everything, then we went to have coffee in the morning. I received lots of flowers. My bridesmaids accompanied me in the breakfast also .

CEREMONY DÉCOR/ RECEPTION DÉCOR: Mara Perez Decoração, The truth is, I went to Mara Perez’s office with all the ideas already, we talked about it and I explained everything that i wanted to her and she simply made more than i was expecting. The final result was awesome. Everything was perfect, everything that I asked for, since the color of the flowers until the minimum details. Mara Perez was the most that surprised us.

WEDDING PLANNER/ WEDDING STYLIST: With the help of our advisor Rafaela Perez da “Casar no paraiso”, we made tasting and chose one by one. Actually we were vey pleased of everything. She helped me with everything. I did not need to have a headache with nothing. Besides the professionalism, we created a friendship.

CAKE:  Deias – Well-married

WEDDING SONGS: Ceremony song: Om Nashi Me – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros After Ceremony: Stay With Me – Sam Smith First Dance – Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

ENTERTAINMENT:   Before the ceremony the musician Rodrigo Farah played blues with his band .   During the ceremony played Edward Sharpe and The Magnetics Zero, because we love this band and its all about us. We handpicked all the songs.   The DJ Emiliano Beirutte razed too. All praised him. I was super happy with the result and I danced A LOT. Brazilians are right? So we hired a school of Samba super famous in Brazil , the Hawks of the Faithful . It was awesome.   The DJ played all kinds of music .

FOOD & BEVERAGES: About what was served, we put sushi / tacos and appetizers was simply a success. Pat of Zucchini grilled cod brandade, parma ham roll with creamcheese and dried fig, “amarradinho” caprese with goat cheese arugula and tapenade of olives, salmon Brioche with creamcheese, roll roast beef with plantain and fresh hearts of palm, mini potato gratin with cheese and crispy parma. Dinner: fish and shrimp Bobo / “Picanha” of sourdough with golden onions and crumbly almond / Mini spinach cannelloni with brie cheese and fresh tomato sauce.   ALL SIMPLY AMAZING. I indicate the buffet Neka Gastronomia. All my guests praised the food.   Drinks: All drinks.

TRANSPORT:   The ceremony was in the hotel where we were staying so my dad picked me up room. When my daddy went to my room to pick me up and take me to the chantry. I was shaking from my foots to my head, on that moment I realized, I WILL GET MARRIED. hahahahaha

HONEYMOON:  Bali – Indonesia. We stayed at the Ayana Resort. Always dreamed of going Bali. It was great ! We recommend the Ayana Resort.

GIFT REGISTRY: We made a website where we put several tours, restaurants and gifts. The guests came and chose gifts. It works like allotment.  

CELEBRANT:  Rito Cerimonias – We did an interview with Marcia and she helped us at all. We would like an inspiring ceremony. We wanted to remember the married that love overcomes all the problems and that singles continue searching for true love. Our ceremony was magic, we all cry guests. We had participations of family and friends. We made our vows as well.

ANY OTHER SPECIAL DETAILS: SOURCES OF INSPIRATION:  Your blog/ instagram/ pinterest/ Vogue Bridal  

A MEMORABLE MOMENT:  When I saw my husband for the first time in the ceremony.

ONE THING I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I STARTED MY WEDDING PLANS…   Marriage is a daily exercise . No joke , it’s something that has to be taken care of with love and respect. It is the result of much love.

IF I COULD GIVE OTHER BRIDES TO BE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE…   Relax, enjoy the moment, not stressed . Remember that goes very fast, so enjoy the pre marriage.      


PHOTOGRAPHY: Danilo Siqueira

BRIDE’S DRESS: Martha Medeiros/ For Love And Lemons

BRIDE’S SHOES: Kila Calçados

WEDDING RINGS: Fran Carvalho and Tiffany and Co.

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: Tiffany and Co., Graciella Starling, Can Can Acessorios

HAIR: Liege Wisniewski

MAKEUP: Liege Wisniewski

FLORIST: Mara Perez

CAKE: Deias

CATERING: Neka Gastronomia

WEDDING STYLIST: WEDDING PLANNER: Rafaela Perez from Casar no Paraíso

CELEBRANT: Rito Celebrations

WEDDING VENUE: Nau Royal Spa Hotel, Cambury Beach


VIDEOGRAPHER: Brigadeiro Filmes

GIFT REGISTRY: CanCan Acessorios


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