Egyptian Rose By Willow Hastings

Willow Hastings reveals her second signature 2015 collection: Egyptian Rose

In ancient Egypt a Rose is displayed as a powerful symbol of love and beauty. Roses flourish in the sun and are reborn each spring. Embody ‘Isis’ the Egyptian goddess of love who beheld the rose as her Symbol and this was closely depicted in her art. You beloved are an artwork worthy to represent love. Just like a rose you belong amongst a field of flowers.

Willow brides are exalted lovers of fine jewels, otherworldly cosmic love and refined beauty discovered in foreign places.  Egyptian Rose surely creates majestic magic. Cleo is for the bohemian dreamer seen dancing barefoot in the day and discovered adorned in couture by night.

We here at LOVESTONED have fallen in love with Willow hastings newest collection. A few months ago i had the pleasure of shooting some of these gowns for an upcoming lovestoned shoot, and they are even more stunning in real life. And to top it off, THE PRICE!!!! omg you ladies will be flocking to get your hands on these.


Cleo-Main egyptian_rose_wh49 egyptian_rose_wh43 egyptian_rose_wh76 egyptian_rose_wh32 egyptian_rose_wh29egyptian_rose_wh111egyptian_rose_wh105 egyptian_rose_wh07

egyptian_rose_wh03 egyptian_rose_wh11

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